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Fandoms, Wigs and Horse-people – Interview with artist Jennifer Merlyn Scherler
Jennifer Merlyn Scherler (*1996) is one of the prize-winning artists of the Swiss Media Art - Pax Art Awards 2022 in the category of emerging artist. Their work is on show at HEK in the accompanying exhibition, showcasing also the work of the main prize-winner, Pe Lang, and fellow emerging artist winner, Johanna Bruckner. During the set-up of the exhibition, Isabella Maund, who is part of HEK's Education and Communication team, had the opportunity to interview Scherler about fandoms, early experiences with internet communities, wig-making and their fascination with Hozier. The exhibition is on view at HEK from the 1st of April until the 5th of May, 2023. 
UBERMORGEN (UM) Interviewt von Sabine Himmelsbach
Das Künstlerduo UBERMORGEN im Gespräch mit Sabine Himmelsbach, Direktorin des HEK, über den Ankauf der NFTS The D1ck #0700 und The D1ck #5056 für die Sammlung des HEK. Das Gespräch fand via E-Mail statt.
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