You cannot operate your smartphone with gloves on? Update your gloves! With a small embroidery with conductive thread you can restore the connection between your finger and your phone.

Touchscreens of mobile phones and tablets operate via an electromagnetic field located under the surface of the screen. Since humans are also a bit conductive, touching the touchscreen changes the electromagnetic field. This change in the magnetic field controls the interaction with the device. But if you are wearing gloves, the fabric insulates the finger. And this is why an interaction with the screen is no longer possible. With a small embroidery using conductive yarn you can re-establishes the connection between your finger and the smartphone! Find the instructions on how to update your gloves for touch-screen interaction in the worksheet:

Included in the worksheet are: – detailed instructions – material list – where to buy conductive yarn   The worksheet comes in the form of a origami-envelope. If you fold it, you can store the materials in it – and even make a present to someone? The folding instructions for the envelope are included on the second page of the worksheet. Have fun! And keep warm!