Could your neighborhood be a bit more colorful? Do you miss some flowers at your corner? No problem for seedbombs. The small balls of seeds can add beauty to balconies, gardens and neglected public space in a few weeks.

No more desolate grass strips! Seedbombs are small balls of soil, compost and clay containing flower seeds. The balls can be planted as you wish: in your own garden, in neglected parks, in the middle of a motorway or in your neighbour’s garden.

All you need is seeds, soil and clay powder. The production is very simple, and with little effort you can produce a whole arsenal of seedbombs.

You can find detailed instructions in the worksheet:

Guerilla gardening
The seedbombs were created with the guerrilla gardening movement that first appeared in New York in the 1970s. Today the movement has spread all over the world. Especially in cities, it aims at reactivating unused land and appropriating public space, making it useful for the local communities. This can happen on abandoned properties, but also neglected small areas such as traffic islands or the edge of parking lots. The activists plant flowers, sometimes even edible plants which then can be harvested, sometimes developing into community gardens.