Scrappy Circuits

The beginning of every electronics project is an electric circuit. Scrappy Circuits are circuits made of simple materials out of your drawer and do not require special tools. Getting started with electronics is easy and fun!

Scrappy Circuits are electronic circuits for do-it-yourself construction from simple materials. They are particularly suitable for first experiments with circuits, for trying them out and for exploring them for the first time. Without soldering or special equipment, this is an easy, child-friendly introduction to electronics. And they are a lot of fun. We use the Scrappy Circuits in our school workshop as introductions to electric circuits. We have created a manual, which we are happy to share with you:


The worksheet is available in german language only. You can download the PDF here:

In the workshop you find: – detailed instructions for building the blocks – another type of switch – how to build the connections with tin foil – how to assemble the circuit – further resources Have fun with exploring electronic circuitry!