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Meme Reading List by Harley Aussoleil
Harley Aussoleil of COVEN Berlin looks back on the topic of memes, proposing a reading list that encompasses some of the important themes covered in the “Complainers and Killjoys: Criticizing the Art World through Memes” workshop as well as “Media Culture A-Z: Memes”.
Farewell to Karin Ohlenschläger
We mourn the loss of our colleague and friend Karin Ohlenschläger, who passed away on August 24, 2022. Her death is a great loss – privately as well as for the art world. This is not meant to be a listing of Karin’s professional career and the central role she played as a curator in the international media art scene as well as the development of the Spanish media art scene. Rather, it is a personal look at shared projects and an enduring friendship. 
Medienkultur A-Z: Memes
For this edition of Medienkultur A-Z we are doing a deep-dive into the world of memes with meme-researcher Idil Galip who will be joined by Harley Aussoleil and Lorena Juan from queer art collective, COVEN BERLIN.
Vitalii Shupliak
In the wake of the war in Ukraine, HEK launches an online programme to support and promote Ukrainian artists, to hear their voices and testimonies through their works.
UBERMORGEN (UM) Interviewed by Sabine Himmelsbach
The artist duo UBERMORGEN in conversation with Sabine Himmelsbach, Director of the HEK, about the purchase of the NFTS The D1ck #0700 and The D1ck #5056 for the HEK collection. The conversation took place via e-mail.