Medienkultur A-Z: Artificial Intelligence with Adrian Notz

Medienkultur A-Z explores the world of artificial Intelligence with a talk by curator of AI and Art at the ETH AI Centre, Adrian Notz, and a panel discussion.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) are our voice assistants on our smart devices, recommend shows based on our streaming data, help us to navigate on google maps, are implemented in security and surveillance technologies, and are becoming increasingly more widespread with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and web 3.0. But can they make Art?

In this edition of Medienkultur A-Z we were joined by Adrian Notz, curator of AI + Art at the ETH AI Center. Notz will be giving his talk «AI + Art – From Machine Drawings to Machine Learning», exploring the frictions caused by the old struggle of the Modern western human and the AI, it’s potentials and pitfalls. Touching on topics such as Ethics, AI Research and the growing interest in AI generated art, this session inspires some much needed reflection and critical thinking with regards to the present and future of AI.

Following this 30 minute presentation, Notz is joined by AI experts for an hour long group discussion with Amanda E. Metzger, AI specialist and artist, as well as Roland Fischer, scientific journalist and curator.

Adrian Notz
Adrian Notz (*1977 in Zurich) is curator at the ETH AI Center, curator of the Art Encounters Biennial 2023 in Timisoara, King of Elgaland-Vargaland, NSK Diplomat and Chevalier de la Tombe de Bakunin. From 2020 – 2022 he was curator at the Tichy Ocean Foundation and from 2012-2019 artistic director of Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. He worked there first as a curatorial assistant and as co-director. From 2010 to 2015 he was head of the Department for Fine Arts at the School of Design in St. Gallen. Notz has organized and curated numerous exhibitions, events, conferences, actions and interventions with international artists, activists and thinkers in Cabaret Voltaire as well as internationally around the globe.

Amanda E. Metzger
Amanda E. Metzger’s work circles around power structures and how they are supported but can also be disrupted by digital technologies. In her recent work she has been investigating artificial intelligence as well as decentralisation. She is a graduate of the BA Media Arts at ZHdK and MFA at LUCA School of Arts, Brussels. She has exhibited at V01TRINE AR in Brussels, Fliessengalerie in Leipzig and Kulturhaus Helferei in Zürich, amongst others.
IG: @amanda.e.metzger

Roland Fischer
Roland Fischer is a scientific journalist and curator. With a focus on process, he brings together art and science in ever-evolving constellations in the art space, symbiont. He started the supernova podcast where he asked himself whether artificial intelligence can make attractive art.