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Quantum Magic with Libby Heaney
Sabine Himmelbach, Director of HEK and curator of the current exhibition «Libby Heaney: Quantum Soup» and artist Libby Heaney give us insights into the slimey, soupy and fluid world of quantum. Together, they unravel Heaney's unique visual language, explore the intriguing landscape of quantum mechanics, and reflect on Heaney's remarkable journey from quantum physicist to artist.
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Farewell to Karin Ohlenschläger
We mourn the loss of our colleague and friend Karin Ohlenschläger, who passed away on August 24, 2022. Her death is a great loss – privately as well as for the art world. This is not meant to be a listing of Karin’s professional career and the central role she played as a curator in the international media art scene as well as the development of the Spanish media art scene. Rather, it is a personal look at shared projects and an enduring friendship. 
Werewolves as Hybrid Mediators: Interview with artist Ludovic Hadjeras
Ludovic Hadjeras is a young French artist with Algerian heritage who explores werewolves as a diplomatic figure capable of easing tensions between humans and wolves. His video piece, Diane, was shown at HEK’s recent Wired Magic exhibition. When he came to visit us in January we were able to speak with him about his fascination with werewolves, human and non-human animal relations and what he is working on next!