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Quantum Magic with Libby Heaney
Sabine Himmelbach, Director of HEK and curator of the current exhibition «Libby Heaney: Quantum Soup» and artist Libby Heaney give us insights into the slimey, soupy and fluid world of quantum. Together, they unravel Heaney's unique visual language, explore the intriguing landscape of quantum mechanics, and reflect on Heaney's remarkable journey from quantum physicist to artist.
UBERMORGEN (UM) Interviewed by Sabine Himmelsbach
The artist duo UBERMORGEN in conversation with Sabine Himmelsbach, Director of the HEK, about the purchase of the NFTS The D1ck #0700 and The D1ck #5056 for the HEK collection. The conversation took place via e-mail.
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