Quantum Magic with Libby Heaney
Sabine Himmelbach, Director of HEK and curator of the current exhibition «Libby Heaney: Quantum Soup» and artist Libby Heaney give us insights into the slimey, soupy and fluid world of quantum. Together, they unravel Heaney’s unique visual language, explore the intriguing landscape of quantum mechanics, and reflect on Heaney’s remarkable journey from quantum physicist to artist.
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Who the f*** is Johanna Müller?
Johanna Müller, a recipient of the Pax Art Awards 2023 recognising emerging artists, identifies herself as an internet flâneur, delving into our interactions and behaviors within digital realms. Presently featured in the ongoing exhibition at HEK, titled «UBERMORGEN, Johanna Müller & Giulia Essyad. Swiss Media Art – Pax Art Awards 2023», she presents two newly commissioned pieces sponsored by Art Foundation Pax alongside previously established works. In this interview, she offers insights into her artistic journey, perspectives on AI, and advocates for an internet revolution.
Interview with artist-duo: Operator
Artist duo Operator, speaks to HEK’s Isabella Maund about where the body is missing in blockchain, their inspirational trip to the volcanic island of Pantelleria and transforming movement into stillness.
Interview with LaTurbo Avedon: Non-binary virtual Artist
LaTurbo Avedon is a fully digitally-existing artist, referring to themselves as a non-binary virtual person. Avedon’s work, Materia, is currently on show in the «Collective Worldbuilding – Art in the Metaverse» exhibition at HEK. This is viewable until the 13th of August 2023 and presents a selection of international artists who explore the possibilities of a decentralised Internet that promises more self-determination, decentralisation and transparency. Isabella Maund, from HEK’s internal team, had the opportunity to interview LaTurbo Avedon about their artistic practice, their views on the future of metaverses and what it’s like to push the traditional boundaries of identity.
Queering Quantum Physics – Interview with Johanna Bruckner
After the opening of the «Pe Lang, Johanna Bruckner, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler. Swiss Media Art – Pax Art Awards 2022» Johanna Bruckner kindly offered her time to discuss her works in the installation with HEK team-member Isabella Maund. Bruckner provides insights into the various influences on her work: queer quantum physics, poetry and sex workers.
Interview with Pe Lang – Main Prize Winner of the PAX Art Awards 2022
During the set-up of his new installation for the current exhibition at HEK, Pe Lang (*1974) the main prize-winner of the Pax Art Award 2022, took some time to talk about his new work Alomeris with HEK intern, Danuka Ana Tomas. Lang explains how this new installation was birthed out of his passions for Sci-Fi, Quantum Physics, Chaos Theory and Buddhism. Alomeris is currently on view at HEK from the 1st of April until the 21st of May 2023 at HEK in the «Pe Lang, Johanna Bruckner, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler. Swiss Media Art – Pax Art Awards 2022» exhibition, showcasing the winners of the PAX Art Awards 2022.
Fandoms, Wigs and Horse-people – Interview with artist Jennifer Merlyn Scherler
Jennifer Merlyn Scherler (*1996) is one of the prize-winning artists of the Swiss Media Art – Pax Art Awards 2022 in the category of emerging artist. Their work is on show at HEK in the accompanying exhibition, showcasing also the work of the main prize-winner, Pe Lang, and fellow emerging artist winner, Johanna Bruckner. During the set-up of the exhibition, Isabella Maund, who is part of HEK’s Education and Communication team, had the opportunity to interview Scherler about fandoms, early experiences with internet communities, wig-making and their fascination with Hozier. The exhibition is on view at HEK from the 1st of April until the 21st of May, 2023. 
Denise Blickhan in conversation with Boris Magrini
Boris Magrini, curator and head of Program at HEK, interviews artist Denise Blickhan. Blickhan’s work, MEDUSA Cycle 2022, is exhibited at HEK as part of the «Performing Traces – Regionale 23» exhibition.