Security 101

Wie schützt man seine Informationen und Daten online? Die Künstlerin Addie Wagenknecht führte Interessierte in das spurenlose Kommunizieren und Surfen ein.

Addie Wagenknecht über den Workshop:
“This workshop will cover the basics of how to protect your information and data online, as well as ways to secure your smartphones, how to make encrypted calls or surf the web without tracking. I will show you how to install, and teach you how to use security projects and platforms to access the deep web, make encrypted phone, text messages, group chats as well as other tips and tricks for deciding what you show or hide when you use the net. No prior knowledge is needed but a good grasp on the basics of surfing the internet and using a smartphone is a must.”

Der Workshop fand im Rahmen von Addie Wagenknechts Ausstellung Liminal Laws statt.